Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beatician to be?

I was being told that profession like pediatrics, beautician got pretty much of good earning. Non of parent would never go for pediatric if one child hit with illness. Non of any women not going for facial just to keep herself good, at least on the outlook.

Is it a waste that I never had the thought of studying cosmetology or beautician at young age? Just like the skin doctor I went, a basic charge on consultation cost a lot and not to mention on the commission earned on the medication. Goshh… I should be contacting Regency Beauty if I’m still qualify for the course.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

happy mommy, she said...

Xandria commented she has a happy mommy...but not happy daddy. I tried to figure what exactly in her mind when she said so. Was that daddy have been over act as 'daddy' or what. Apparently, mommy is the one who always scolds at them. I wonder what made her think so?

Till a day, I know what she meant with ‘happy mommy’… look at the photo and you’ll know. 

A 'happy mommy' referring to a mommy who willing to play with them madly....

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Deb can cook #1

Cooking never is my interest since young. Especially the after done process that always tired me a lot. Seriously, I don’t like it. Somehow, I still need to cook… for my family despite I don’t know how to cook. Thanks to the IT that enable I search around the world on the recipe.

Here are my latest try…with some modification based on what ingredients lays in my fridge.

                                                           Fish Paste Egg Roll
                                                   Recipe from: Let's get Wokking

                                                             Roasted Cauliflower
                                                       Recipe from: Simply Recipes

                                                        Steamed Prawn with Garlic
                                                      Recipe from: Noob Cook Recipes

Friday, 4 May 2012

In need of advice

Few days ago, I make a call to ex-colleague and I was being asked about how is the life of Stay-at-Home mommy. I replied with it is rather great when you got tight up with kid, house chores, husband and so on but never to yourself.

The kiddos were down with fever and flu, as usual and it happened so close like within a month. I’m begun to think if they both had any birth defect that might caused by me? Maybe I should call to Celexa lawsuit for details info. It was so tiring and exhausted when you ought to take care of TWO sickening babies.

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

whaat a life...

How time flies… I’ve finally survived from maid-less days. It’s rather tired and exhausted (most of time) but I’m still surviving. Mainly because I began to realize it was ME, myself to change the mindset.

I’m learning to let go of dusty floor and messy bedroom whenever I’m too…….. exhausted to clean up the mess. I’m learning to let the kids earning their ‘Me’ time rather than being what I wish.

Till then, I just found … everything can be so wonderful.

What a Jinggle December (Backdated)

Month of December, always a delightful month of all. I love the snowy feeling despite we don’t get the chance to experience it in our land. However the decorations at majority of malls do put us on that feels especially if in Singapore.

Of we went to Terminal 3, Changi Airport in Singapore on one weekend. With the ‘Angry Birds’ theme of décor, the kids love it.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Good communication for better life

Gosshh… how life goes!! I was rather having different kind of busy life since I started to work from home and at flexi hour. It’s rather busier than my OL life and at times, I got so pissed off when I was more like a maid than a wife at home.

Something bad happened recently, and seriously it hurts me to the max. One say communication breakdown may have a negative cause to a marriage. It’s true and I wonder if that’s the reason of why I’m getting so strange to the man who sleeps next to me every day. I dislike the conversation we had, it is always more like on the business than personal stuff. Probably, I should try on George Lerner MD in order to have a better communication with man like him.

Monday, 10 October 2011

A quick update

Goshh... I seem loosing my inspiration of writing to update this blog of mine. Reading on the long outdated post which dated July reminds me that I should at least update one or two post within a month, just to refresh my reader (if any). Hahaha...

So what am I doing now or what had I done the past months? Nothing much but I changed my hair style, I put on my weight becoming a typical SAHM, and I transferred Xavier to another kiddy for the reason of... (read HERE).

Like I said, nothing much and that's what I done for the past few months.

My new hair style....